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We are pleased to announce that we have completed the development of our comprehensive parent program for children ages 2 years six months to 6 years of age.  The program consists of three levels - Explore for early language development, Express for advancing language skills in the areas of grammar, concepts, following directions, and articulation, and Expand, with a focus on using language to reason, predict, and develop conversation and social thinking skills.

We are very pleased with the great response to our inaugural October Express sessions!  As a result, October is fully booked.

In November, January and March we will be offering both Explore and Express sessions.  Our groups will be running Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  For registration information please scroll to the bottom of this page.  Our program will be expanding in January to include an Expand session and a new Articulation focused group.

These six-session courses are designed to support parents in learning intervention strategies and provide language learning opportunities in daily activities.  The sessions are provided by a Speech Language Pathologist.  Parents attend with their child and participate in a variety of play based activities with a focus on improving speech and language skills.

Explore will focus on the following:

  • Parents will learn about communication milestones for this age group
  • The Speech Language Pathologist will support parents to learn strategies for developing communication skills
  • Learning activities will include play, crafts, books, music and snacks
  • New theme based activities each week
  • The Speech Language Pathologist is there to coach parents as they participate with their child and to address any concerns that parents may have about their child's development
  • Focused home practice activities

Express will focus on the following:

  • Developing parent intervention skills to support therapy activities in the home
  • For children identified with having speech or language delay
  • Target areas will include: 
    • Grammar - plurals, pronouns, verb tense
    • Concepts - positions, sequence, describing words and quantity.
    • Following directions - 1-3 part, routine directions, novel directions
    • Articulation - an overview of speech therapy and how to integrate practice into play and focused activities
  • Focused speech and language activities will be provided for home practice

Expand will focus on the following:

  • Parents will work with their child to improve their skills in supporting intervention
  • Target areas will include:
    • focusing on grammar, describing, following 2 to 3 part directions
    • Improving conversation skills
    • Developing social skills through cooperative play activities
    • Introduction to social thinking based on We Thinkers program (Michelle Garcia Winner)
  • Parents will learn how to encourage using language for advanced skills like problem solving

Registration submission instructions for November, January and March Explore and Express sessions are included on the Registration Form below. Please click on either the fillable Word form or PDF form to download. Complete the form and submit as per instructions.  For further information please call 403-343-0977.

All classes will be held at our new Intervention Site which is now open at 5123 (B) - 48th Street (alley entrance). Public parking is available in the lot to the east of us.

Registration Forms

Fillable Registration Form 1 (dotx)


Registration Form 1 PDF (pdf)