School District Contracts


Communication Options Inc. has been providing contract services to a number of school districts in the Central Alberta area since 1994.  Our services have focused on supporting students accessing Program Unit Funding (PUF).  Playschools, private kindergarten associations, and daycare programs that support PUF students can also access our services.  We are also able to support the needs of Mild-Moderate students on request.


Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists provide the following services:

  • Assessment to support qualification for PUF 
  • Code 47 functionality documentation 
  • Hearing screening for PUF applications 
  • We provide programming at all levels of inclusive practice (individual, targeted and universal) 
  • IPPs provided for communication goals 
  • Goals provided to support classroom IPPs 
  • Detailed program plans for intervention provided at the end of each session and regular updates.  Usually twice a month contact with our schools 
  • Support and training to Educational Assistants with adherence to ACSLPA supervision guidelines for working with support personnel 
  • Consultation and collaboration with teachers 
  • Treatment summaries provided at year end 
  • Access to a trained Speech-Language Assistant to provide additional therapy for target students 
  • Specialized consultation for augmentative communication assessment and devices

Family Oriented Programming

Support to families can be provided on an individual client basis or through group workshop sessions. We currently offer the following group presentations:

  • Parents as Sound Helpers - Teaches parents how to support the development of age level speech sounds 
  • Growing Language - Provides parents with general language strategies based on the Learning Language and Loving It program.
  • Growing Language - Supporting Grammar Goals - Teaches parents how to highlight and practice grammar through play, everyday routines and books
  • Words Words Wonderful Words - Participants learn to support both receptive vocabulary (understanding new words) and expressive vocabulary (using new words)
  • Conversation Connection - Supporting Language Skills Through Everyday Activities - Theme based book Pete the Cat and His 4 Groovy Buttons
  • Conversation Connection - Supporting Language Skills Through Everyday Activities - Theme based book My Truck is Stuck
  • Articulation Antics - Focuses on playful ways for parents to support the development of speech sounds in daily activities
  • Play, Talk and Learn - can be presented as a 3-part series or as stand alone sessions:
    • Play - The Power of Purposeful Play - Parents spend a playful session with their child and learn how to foster vocabulary, concepts, language, social skills and creative thinking
    • Talk - Getting Grammar Going - Provides parents with general developmental guidelines and strategies to promote grammar skills in daily activities
    • Learn - The Magic of Rhythm and Rhyme - Introduces parents to strategies that promote phonological awareness and provides the opportunity to participate in some activities with a literacy focus 


  • We provide detailed budgets for each student at the start of the year 
  • Invoices are provided on a monthly basis to match district accounting needs 
  • We are able to set up electronic fund transfers for payments